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by "Jhene"

Last night
I was thinkn bout back in the day
When you and I was so happy together every way
But now reminiscing
I can see the signs was right in front of my face
So I guess you was right the fault’s mine

B Section
Say you loved me (Say you loved me)
So completely
I see you was wrong but guess what baby

I got a smile on my face
Don’t trip
Didn’t take long to get over you
I really ain’t got no attitude (And I)
Found another under quick by loving you
And that’s the truth
Oh I’m happy for you

Shorty, it was only one mistake
Can you forgive me (NO!)
You and me
We got a special thing
I can’t let you go no (Oh it's like that?)
One more time girl you know I got you
You know I’ll take care of you
Give you anything
Be the man you want me to be
Your everything
You know I love you

B Section
Girl I love you
(What ever)
Come on now girl
Lemme show you
(What ever)
I know I was wrong
Then you shoulda kept a smile on my face

Come on tell me how does it make you feel
To know I don’t need your love
I’m happy for ya
Come on tell me how does it make you feel
To know that he hot
You not
I’m happy for ya
I’m telling you Oh I gotta...


Jhene - Happy [feat. Omarion] Lyrics - Download MP3
Jhene - Happy [feat. Omarion] Lyrics.
Rating : 10 out of 10
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